Program Booklet

A pdf version of the event program booklet is available for download here (3.2MB pdf, opens in a new window). Please note that a hardcopy will be available in your registration bags, so to save paper, there is no need to print the entire document and bring it with you.

General and Technical Event Information

Information applicable to all the events can be found on the general and technical event information page linked here. A pdf version is in the program booklet (see above).

Program Summary

The events below will be staged at locations within and near to Canberra, all within 45 to 60 minutes drive, except for the Long Distance Championships which will be around 90 to 120 minutes from Canberra, depending on where you are staying.  A locality map can be found on the event locations page.

There will be three new maps and the landscapes will range from a complex school campus for the Sprint, through traditional spur/gully (both eucalypt and pine forest) and complex granite, plus one event, the Centenary of Canberra Flashback, which will remind competitors of the style of events conducted in the early days of orienteering.

Event bulletins have been made available over the last last few months, but they have now all been combined into the program booklet linked at the top of this page.  Note however, that the WRE events still have some additional bulletins being made available at the links below.