The Centenary of Canberra celebrations and the significant number of related activities, particularly during Floriade which coincides with the Championship Carnival, means that the availability of accommodation in Canberra might be limited. Thus you are encouraged to secure your accommodation as early as possible. A starting point is the accommodation page on the Visit Canberra website (opens in a new tab/window).


Another good option as a base for the carnival is the city of Queanbeyan, 15-20 minutes drive from Canberra across the border in NSW.  It has lots of accommodation that can often be cheaper than that found in Canberra. September 2013 will be an exciting month in Queanbeyan, with celebrations for its 175th anniversary, a national dance conference being held with over 400 dancers attending and many people using Queanbeyan as a base to attend Floriade. Accommodation is always heavily booked from year to year and this year is definitely no exception. Further information can be found on the Visit Queanbeyan website (opens in a new tab/window).

Bungendore and Camping

Bungendore is a smaller country town another 20 minutes drive beyond Queanbeyan that would also be suitable as a base for the carnival.  In particular, for those wanting to camp, the Organising Committee will organise a large group booking at the Bungendore Showgrounds for the duration of the carnival at a very reasonable price. There are hot showers and a hall with tables and seating as well as fridges for food. More details about both Bungendore and the camping facilities at the showground can be found on the following page.

Discounted Accommodation Offers

A number of businesses have contacted the Organising Committee to promote their facilities to visiting orienteers.  The Organising Committee is not able to offer an opinion on the offers, but those seeking accommodation in the region during the 2013 Australian Championships might like to contact the following: