Australian Long Distance Championships

Last Minute Event News

  1. The bridge at Captains Flat has undergone repairs during the year. However it now has a load limit of 5 tonnes.
  2. Much of Jerangle Road between Bredbo and Captains Flat is surfaced with gravel as is all of Slap Up Road. You are advised to allow at the very least two hours travel time from central Canberra and you should allow more if arriving at a peak time or if you tend to drive particularly cautiously on a gravel surface. You are also reminded that Slap Up Road is unfenced and there are cattle with calves in the paddocks.
  3. There is a short sharp hill about mid-way along Slap Road which should be negotiated with care.
  4. You are encouraged to car pool if possible.

Event Information

Australian Long Distance Championships - Map excerpt

Australian Long Distance Championships – Map excerpt

The 2013 Australian Long Distance Championships will be held on a new map “Slap Up Creek” located east of Jerangle, which is south of Captains Flat and about 90-120 minutes’ drive from Canberra. The area is a granite plateau between 1200m and 1300m elevation. There are farmland and forest areas. The farmland is very runnable though steep in parts. The forest is almost flat with pleasant running through lots of granite boulders, knolls, minor streams and gullies; see more photos here….

WRE bulletins for this World Ranking Event have been published and can be downloaded from these links:

Most of the information in these bulletins is also reproduced below.

Classes on offer
Championship Classes
M21E, M20E, M10, M12A, M14A, M16A, M35A, M40A, M45A, M50A, M55A, M60A, M65A, M70A, M75A, M80A, M85A;
Women: W21E, W20E, W10, W12A, W14A, W16A, W35A, W40A, W45A, W50A, W55A, W60A, W65A, W70A, W75A, W80A, W85A.
Non-Championship Classes
M20A, M21A, M21AS, M35AS, M45AS, M55AS, MJuniorB, MOpenB, W20A, W21A, W21AS, W35AS, M45AS, W55AS, WJuniorB, WOpenB, M/WOpenEasy, M/WOpenVeryEasy,  M/W10Novice plus RedEOD, OrangeEOD, GreenEOD and BlueEOD for Enter-on-the-day competitors.
Entries – Entries have closed.

Australian Long Distance Championships – Sun Sept 29th
Course Classes Distance(km) Climb(m) No. Controls Navigation
1 M21E 15.0 340 30 Hard
2 W21E, M17-20E, M35A 10.4 220 22 Hard
3 M40A 9.3 210 19 Hard
4 M21A, M45A 8.3 220 18 Hard
5 W35A, M50A, W40A, W17-20E 7.0 160 18 Hard
6 W45A, M16A, M17-20A 6.3 150 17 Hard
7 W21A, M21AS, M55A 5.9 180 16 Hard
8 M60A, W50A, M35AS, W21AS, W17-20A 5.2 150 13 Hard
9 M65A, W55A, W35AS, M45AS 4.7 110 15 Hard
10 M70A, W60A, W45AS 4.5 100 15 Hard
11 W16A, W65A, M75A, M55AS 3.8 80 12 Hard
12 W70A, W55AS, W75A, M80A, W80A, M85A, W85A 3.1 70 12 Hard
13 M14A, M open B, M Jun B 3.9 80 11 Moderate
14 W14A, W open B, W Jun B 2.8 70 9 Moderate
15 W12A, M12A, Open Easy 2.8 60 11 Easy
16 W10A, M10A, Open Very Easy 2.2 40 10 Very Easy

Additional event information

Event 2 – Australian Long Distance Championships
Sunday 29th September
Silva National League Event
World Ranking Event

Location: Jerangle
Map: “Slap Up Creek”, 2013
1:15000 with 5m contours for Courses 1 and 2
1:10000 with 5m contours for all other courses

Mapper: Alex Tarr
Organising Club: Bushflyers
Course Planner: Ross Stewart
Controller & IOF Event Adviser: Andy Hogg
Day Organiser: Jenny Hawkins

World Ranking Event:
This event is an IOF World Ranking Event and hence the M21E and W21E categories will be run under IOF Foot Orienteering Competition Rules.

Landowners: OACT gratefully acknowledges landowners Lisa Phillips & Dick Walker, Charles Lezaros, Warren Ashley and Geoff Evans.

Terrain Notes:
The area is a granite plateau between 1200m and 1300m elevation. There are sections of lightly timbered farmland as well as forested areas. The farmland is very runnable though steep in parts. The forest is almost flat with pleasant running through numerous granite boulders, knolls, minor streams and gullies.

Setter’s Notes:
The courses have been designed to use all the terrain types on the map – including the flatter complex granite in forested areas and steeper open granite terrain. Fence crossings marked on the map are for the convenience of competitors; they are not compulsory.

Please report any damage to fences to the organiser after finishing your course.

Maps for all courses will be printed on waterproof, tear-resistant material. Maps will not be bagged. Maps for courses 1 and 2 will be printed using an offset process.

Directions to the event:
From central Canberra either

i. Take the Kings Highway to just beyond Queanbeyan and turn right onto Captains Flat Road. Travel approximately 40 km to Captains Flat. When entering the town turn right into Foxlow Street which turns into Jerangle Road. Travel approximately 32 km (there is some bitumen but mostly gravel) and turn left into Slap Up Road.

NOTE: The bridge at Captains Flat has recently been repaired and is subject to a 5 tonne limit.

ii. Travel south along the Monaro Highway towards Cooma for approximately 80 km to the village of Bredbo. Turn left at the end of the village onto Braidwood Street and after 300m bear right onto Jerangle Road. Travel approximately 34 km (there is some bitumen but mostly gravel) and turn right onto Slap Up Road. (You will pass through the village of Jerangle 3.7 km before this turn).

Travel 8.2 km along Slap Up Road. This is a narrow, unfenced, gravel road and some portions are in poor condition, there are narrow cattle grids and gutters across the road. Please drive to the conditions and take particular care if encountering stock on the road.

Allow two hours minimum for travel from central Canberra.

Please park as directed by the parking attendants. Some cars will be directed to park near farm sheds on the eastern side of the arena, but most of the parking will be in a paddock and adjacent to the arena on the western side. As parking will be limited please park as economically as possible; you are encouraged to car pool if possible. There will be a gold coin collection for parking to contribute to the landowner’s upkeep of the access road.

Buses will be directed to a special parking area just beyond the general car parking areas.

The arena is approximately 150m from parking. Being mostly cleared, this area is somewhat exposed so if the weather is very cold and windy you should bring adequate warm, windproof clothing. Club tents can be erected in an area close to the last control or on a slope slightly further away, overlooking the arena.

Arena for Australian Long Distance Championships

Arena for Australian Long Distance Championships

Out of Bounds:
Areas to the south and west of the walk from the parking paddock to the arena are out of bounds.

There are sheep pens near where the toilets are located and where some cars will be parked. All farm equipment in this area and the pens are out of bounds. Please ensure that your children are kept away from any equipment in this area.

There is a dam to the north west of the arena on the way to the main parking area. This will be taped off but please ensure that your children keep well away. The dam area is out of bounds also.

There are sheep with lambs on the property. Areas of the map marked as out of bounds must be strictly observed. Competitors seen in out of bounds areas will be disqualified.

Warm-up & Competition Areas:
Competitors are permitted to warm-up between the arena & the paddock car park as well as on the way to the start.

All forested areas (i.e. not open paddocks) should be considered out of bounds. Warming up along the road is not permitted.

Catering will be provided by the Jerangle School P&C committee. They will be selling soup, steak sandwiches, sausages, veggie burgers and wraps with tandoori chicken, beef or roast vegetables. They will also be serving cakes and there will be tea and cold drinks.

A coffee van will also be in attendance.

Activities for children:
A tent for child-minding purposes will be provided at the arena. It is the responsibility of parents to supervise their children whilst using this area.

A string course for small people will be provided near the commencement of the walk to the start. Participants should register at the start of the course.

First aid: St John Ambulance will be in attendance.

Toilets: will be located to the east of the arena, close to the beginning of the walk to the start.

Walk to start:
The walk to the start is approx 800m, a gentle uphill walk across open paddocks. Allow fifteen minutes.

There will be an area where warming up is allowed at the start area. The southern side of the walk to the start is strictly out of bounds. Please see the event program booklet on the program page for the general start procedures.

Start times: from 9:30am

Course closure:
Courses will close at 2.30 pm. All competitors who have not completed their courses by this time should abandon their course and report to the finish as soon as possible.

All competitors who do not complete their courses for any reason should report to the finish officials so that their safe return is recorded.

Safety information:
For all courses the safety bearing is north to farmland areas, or Slap Up Road.

Because of the remote nature and elevation of this area all competitors are reminded of the need to go to the aid of anyone in difficulty during the event. All competitors are required to carry a whistle.

Competitors are also reminded that if the weather is inclement they should wear protective clothing that provides sufficient warmth for the conditions. In particular, they should wear full body cover.

There are plenty of tiger snakes in the area. Hopefully at the end of September these will not be too active but take care.

Clothing return:
A clothing return from the start will be offered and will return clothing to the assembly area at approximately one hour intervals. Please place clothing in the bags provided.

Water will be provided at the start and at the finish. To assist the organising team it would be helpful if you could bring your own drinking water.

Water will be available on courses at individual control sites as indicated in control descriptions.

Enter on Day:
Courses 9, 14, 15 and 16 will be available to enter on the day. 

The presentation of awards will be made as soon as the placegetters are finalised, probably around 1.30pm, and will include the following trophies:

  • The Howden Trophies to the Resident winners of the M21E and W21E classes.
  • The Silva Trophy and the Swedish Ambassador’s Trophy, respectively, to the winning Senior Elite teams (M21E and W21E) in the Australian Long Distance Championship.
  • The OA Shield to the State with the best performing team in all age classes in the Australian Long Distance Championships, ascertained in accordance with Clause 25.7 of the Competition Rules for Orienteering Australia Foot Orienteering Events.

Certificates shall be awarded to Resident Individual Champions in Australian Championships classes where the winner is a non-resident according to Clause 6.3 of the Competition Rules for Orienteering Australia Foot Orienteering Events. The Resident Individual Champion certificates shall be prepared by Orienteering Australia in accordance with Clause 25.4 of the Competition Rules for Orienteering Australia Foot Orienteering Events.

Please note that Orienteering ACT follows a NO DOGS policy at all events. Please do not bring dogs to this event.