Commemorative polo shirt

Commemorative polo shirt

A commemorative polo shirt is being produced for the Centenary of Canberra Australian Championships Orienteering Carnival.  The shirts are from the “Aussie Pacific Premier” range and must be purchased online (through Eventor) before August 31st so they can be made beforehand and collected at the carnival.

All shirts are 160gm 100% Driwear polyester, moisture removal, easy care fabric.  Only one colour will be made (ashe/black) and they will have the carnival logo printed on the front left side.  Shirts will be available in Men’s (XS-3XL +5XL), Women’s (8-26) and Children’s (6-16) sizes.  More details on sizing can be found below.

The cost per shirt will be $30.00.

Sizing charts can be viewed on the following links:

Shirts can be purchased online as an additional service when you enter the Australian Sprint, Middle or Long Championships event on Eventor.