Welcome from the President of Orienteering ACT

On behalf of Orienteering ACT I welcome all competitors, their families and friends to the 2013 Australian Orienteering Championships.

The carnival has nine events over nine days. As well as the three Australian Championship and two Australian Schools Championship events there two additional public events and a special “old style” event. These are set in areas as diverse as the Canberra Grammar School, urban bush at Watson, classic spur/gully terrain closer to Canberra, and granite to the south east.

We are also offering all visitors the chance to participate in capital O; a combination of Orienteering and sight seeing. Set in the Parliamentary triangle, participants use an orienteering map to visit checkpoints, and then to match that location with a corresponding photo.

Organising this number of major events takes a vast amount of work. The members of the carnival organising committee and the main organisers for each day are listed in the program and I extend my most sincere thanks to all of them. Thank you too to the teams of people helping on each day; without your help it would be impossible.

I also ask you to join me in thanking the various land holders of the areas we are using. Their co-operation is vital and very much appreciated.

I wish all competitors the best of luck in their races, and I hope that everyone enjoys their stay in the nation’s capital.

Mary McDonald

President, Orienteering ACT