Australian Relay Championships

Important Late Information

Relay Teams:

  • Nominated teams will be displayed near the results at all events from Tuesday October 1st.
  • Registration for the Australian Relays will take place from 1200 – 1400 on Saturday October 5th at the Registration Tent for the Australian Middle Distance Championships.
  • Changes to teams can be made during these hours only.
  • ONE member from each State should collect Relay Team numbers from the Registration Tent during these hours.

Catering Update: The original catering has fallen through and it will now be provided by the ACT Blue Lightning (the ACT junior development squad). They will be selling steak sandwiches, sausages and veggie burgers, all with optional coleslaw, as well as soup and vegetarian chilli. They will also be serving cold drinks. A coffee van will also be present.

Gibraltar Hill - Map Excerpt

Gibraltar Hill – Map Excerpt

The action is always thick and fast at the Australian Relay Championships as the states go head to head. The new Gibraltar Hill map will be ideal for relays, providing just enough complexity that complete concentration will be required from every team member. And some photos here… Don’t take an early flight or drive home, but instead come and enjoy the fun on Sunday 6 October.

Details of the event can be found below and also in the event program booklet.  Note that a hard copy of the latter will be in your registration bag at the carnival so please use the electronic version before your arrival.

Classes on offer
Championship Classes
M21E, M20E, M16A, M35A, M45A, M55A, M65A;
Women: W21E, W20E, W16A, W35A, W45A, W55A, W65A.
Non-Championship Classes
M/W12, M21AS, MOpenB, W21AS, WOpenB, MWMed, MWSML. 
No Enter-on-the-day.
Entry Fees: Adults $30.00, Junior $18.00, Sub-Junior $15.00, and Family Discount.
Entries are closed.

Australian Relay Championships — Sunday 6th October
Course Classes Distance
(approx. km)
(approx. m)
No. Controls
1 M21E 7.4 310 15 Hard
2 M20E, M35A 6.7 235 16 Hard
3 W21E, M45A 5.9 250 15 Hard
4 W20E, W35A 5.2 215 11 Hard
5 M21AS M55A, W45A, 4.9 190 12 Hard
6 W21AS, W55A, 3.9 160 11 Hard
7 M65A, W65A, MWMedium, M/W-LMS, 2.8 125 11 Hard
8 M16A, MOpenB 4.5 145 15 Moderate
9 W16A, M/W-LMS, WOpenB 3.7 120 14 Moderate
10 M/W-LMS, M/W12A 2.7 85 11 Easy

Additional Event Information

Event 9 – Australian Relay Championships

Sunday 6th October

Silva National League Event

Location: Bungendore

Map: new map, ‘The Gib’, 1:10000, 5m Contours

Mappers:  Bob Allison, Hugh Moore

Course Planner: John Shelton-Agar

Controller: Bill Jones

Organiser: Ann Scown for Abominables

Landowners: OACT gratefully acknowledges the landowner Dimity Davy for the use of “The Gib” and the Bungendore Rodeo Trust for the use of the rodeo ground.

Terrain Notes:
The terrain consists of a large granite covered ridge. The typical height difference from the bottom to the top of the ridge is about 125 metres. The steeper western slopes and top of the ridge are covered in very detailed granite outcrops with some of the boulders and cliffs being up to 10 metres in height. One of these is rumoured to have been the hideout of local bushranger William Westwood. There is also a small area where granite was quarried for some of the early buildings in Bungendore and this has created some unusual gullies and rock faces.

The eastern side of the ridge is less steep and has scattered rock outcrops and areas of eroded watercourses some of which are fenced to control erosion. The eastern valley has generally open grazed forest, open areas and some complex erosion features.

The area has been grazed and has a light forest cover with many patches of open areas. This means the visibility is generally good however runnability is limited in places by patches of very rocky ground, some tussocky grass and fallen timber.

There are some patches of bare rock and when wet these can be very slippery and caution should be taken on these. Shoes with metal spikes would be good if conditions are wet.

Course Setter’s notes:
The main competition area is separated from the paddock adjacent to the finish area by a high, barbed wire, impassable fence. This is very difficult to cross outside the marked crossing points. All runners are recommended to use these crossing points. The crossing points will be clearly marked in the terrain with orange tape and will be visible from some distance. The courses and crossing points have taken into account the difficult nature of the fence when being set and placed.

As with all relay courses there are numerous controls in the forest, competitors are urged to check they have found the correct controls.

Lastly there is a magnificent view from the top of the ridge north towards Lake George, south to Capitan’s Flat, east to Braidwood and west to Bungendore. It is worth taking a second whilst on your course to appreciate it!

Directions to the event: From Canberra travel to Bungendore either via The Federal Highway and Macs Reef Road or via Queanbeyan and the Kings Highway.

Once in Bungendore travel east on the Kings Highway towards Braidwood.

3 km from Bungendore turn right into the rodeo ground. This turn is shortly after the end of the first overtaking lane and will be well signposted. Please take care making this right hand turn. Once inside the gate to the rodeo ground follow the gravel road several hundred metres and park as directed.

Allow 45 minutes from central Canberra.

Australian Relays Arena Map

Australian Relays Arena Map

Parking: Parking is adjacent to the assembly area. Please follow the directions given when parking.

Assembly: The assembly area is at the Bungendore rodeo ground and adjacent to the parking. The area can be extremely windy at times and although the rodeo ground offers some protection from the wind it is advisable to come prepared with warm clothes.

The finish area has a good view of the rocky ridgeline down which most courses finish and competitors will be visible at times (see picture below). Binoculars would be useful for watching other competitors negotiate this part of the course, once you have finished your own course.

The rodeo ground is surrounded by a fence that marks out the assembly area. The yards to the east and the area outside the fence to the west and south are out of bounds.

View from arena - Competitors finishing route

View from arena – Competitors finishing route

Catering: UPDATED
The original catering has fallen through and it will now be provided by the ACT Blue Lightning (the ACT junior development squad). They will be selling steak sandwiches, sausages and veggie burgers, all with optional coleslaw, as well as soup and vegetarian chilli. They will also be serving cold drinks.

A coffee van will also be present.

First aid: St John Ambulance will be in attendance

Toilets: Portaloos will be provided at the arena.

Event and Start Information

Last official changes to Australian Relay Championship teams must be made on Saturday 5th October by 2:00pm at the Australian Middle Distance Championships.

A number of blank maps from the previous day will be displayed until the Mass Start; these will be removed when the Australian Relay Championships race begins. No competitor is to bring a map from the Middle Distance Championships to the Australian Relay Championships arena. Any Middle Distance Championships maps not collected at that event will be distributed with collected Relay maps after the second Mass Start for the remaining second and third leg competitors.

Walk to start directions: The start will be located near the assembly area.

Start times: (Note: Daylight Saving begins today)

Relay briefing at 9:15am.

Mass start at 9:30am.

Mass start for all second and third leg runners at 11:00am.

Course closure: Courses close at 2:00pm.

Safety information: North to the Highway then return to the Assembly area.

Water: Water will be provided in the Assembly area and as required on courses.

Presentations: The presentation of awards will be made as soon as the placegetters are finalised, and will include the following trophies:

  • Mementos to the winners of the 2013 National Orienteering Series: Senior Men’s, Senior Women’s, Junior Men’s and the Junior Women’s divisions.
  • Trophies to the winning teams of the 2013 National Orienteering League: Senior Men’s, Senior Women’s, Junior Men’s and the Junior Women’s divisions.
  • The Xanthorrhea Trophy to the State with the best performing team in all age classes in the Australian Relay Championships, ascertained in accordance with Clause 25.9 of the Competition Rules for Orienteering Australia Foot Orienteering Events.