Australian Schools Individual Championships and Wild Deer Chase Public Event

Wild Deer Chase - Map Excerpt

Wild Deer Chase – Map Excerpt

The Australian Schools Individual Championships will be held in the region covered by the previous orienteering maps of Sandhills, Birkenburn, Wild Deer Sands and Timber Tops.  Previous versions of the Wild Deer Sands and Timber Tops maps can be viewed here and here. The location to the east of Bungendore (see map here) is only a short drive from Canberra.

Classic spur/gully terrain with areas of sand mining will be a challenge to all with the public races held after the schools individual championships providing an opportunity for parents and others to test their skills against the best juniors in the country.  Some photos of the area can be found here

Details of the event can be found below and also in the event program booklet.  Note that a hard copy of the latter will be in your registration bag at the carnival so please use the electronic version before your arrival.

Classes on offer
Senior Boys, Senior Girls, Junior Boys, Junior Girls
Entry Fees: All competitors $13.00.  Other fees relating to the Australian Schools Orienteering Championships will be charged separately.
Entries are closed.

Wild Deer Chase (Public race after Schools Championships, with one minute Start intervals)
Classes on offer
Hard1-Men, Hard2-Men, Hard3-Men, Mod1-Men, Mod2-Men, Easy-Men, VeryEasy-Men
Women: Hard1-Women, Hard2-Women, Hard3-Women, Mod1-Women, Mod2-Women, Easy-Women, VeryEasy-Women.
Entry Fees: Adults $17.00, Junior $11.00, Sub-Junior $6.00, and Family Discount.
No Enter-on-the-day.
Entries are closed.

  ASOC Individual & Wild Deer Chase – Tuesday 1st October
Course Classes Distance
1 Senior Boys 7.6 190 27 Hard
2 Senior Girls 5.4 105 22 Hard
3 Junior Boys 5.3 105 21 Moderate
4 Junior Girls 4.4 80 17 Moderate
1 Hard1-Men, Hard1-Women 7.6 190 27 Hard
2 Hard2-Men, Hard2-Women 5.4 105 22 Hard
5 Hard3-Men, Hard2-Women 4.6 70 18 Hard
3 Mod1-Men, Mod1-Women 5.3 105 21 Moderate
4 Mod2-Men, Mod2-Women 4.4 80 17 Moderate
6 Easy-Men, Easy-Women 3.7 60 20 Easy
7 VeryEasy-Men, VeryEasy-Women 2.5 40 13 Very Easy

Further information about these events

Event 3 – Australian Schools Individual Championships

Event 4 – Public Event – Wild Deer Chase

Tuesday 1st October

Location: near Bungendore

Map: the previous maps covering area – Timber Tops, Wild Deer Sands, The Sandhills / Birkenburn.
Map Scale 1:10,000, Contour interval 5m

Course Planner: Grant McDonald

Controller: Phoebe Dent

Day Organiser: Heather McDonald

Supporting Club: Red Roos

Landowners: We are grateful to the landowners, Tom Gordon ‘Wild Deer Sands‘ and Ennio Morello ‘Timber Tops’, for the use of this area for these events.

Sponsors: Orienteering Service of Australia ( has generously donated prizes for the Schools event winners.

Terrain Notes: The majority of the terrain is open spur gully forest with areas of open and semi-open land. The main point features are scattered termite mounds and log piles. The area is gently undulating or moderately steep. There are two other terrain types in the area. The first is more detailed with many small knolls, with thicker vegetation that is slower running and has lower visibility and small clearings. It is an old sand mining area but not with complex contour detail. The second is a steeper area of spur gully with large areas of rocky/stony ground and occasional small boulders as point features. There is only one road through the area but there are a few smaller tracks ranging from well formed to indistinct. The fences tend to bound the area with only a few sub-dividing the area. There are cows grazing in the forest and you might come across them while competing.

Directions to the event: Travel east from Canberra to Bungendore. Follow the Kings Highway towards Braidwood for approximately 13 km. Turn left and enter ‘Timber Tops’ property and follow farm road to parking. Allow 50 minutes travel from the centre of Canberra.

Safety information for leaving the event: On departure, it is not safe to turn right towards Canberra as traffic is travelling at highway speed in both directions and there is an overtaking lane coming from the west below the crest of the hill. It is strongly recommended that you turn left onto the highway, travelling a short distance further east along the King’s Highway until you are able to execute a safe U-turn.

Parking: as directed in the paddocks beside the farm road.

Assembly: approximately 250m from parking

Event Arena Map:

ASOC Individual and Wild Deer Chase Arena Map

ASOC Individual and Wild Deer Chase Arena Map

Catering: ‘Here’s the Coffee’ will provide tea, coffee, cakes, muffins and egg & bacon rolls

First aid: St John Ambulance will be in attendance.

Toilets: Port-a-loos adjacent to parking.

Out of Bounds/ warm-up areas: All forested areas are out of bounds. Warm-up will be available on the walk to the start, and immediately adjacent to the start. All farmland on the way to the start is out of bounds.

Walk to start directions: There is one start for all courses located 1.7km from the parking area, or 2.0km from the assembly area. From the parking area head north on the well-formed dirt road and follow signs/streamers to the start.

Start times: (Schools Individual) from 10:00am, (Public Event) from 2:00pm

Course closure: (Schools Individual) at 1:30pm, (Public Event) at 4:30pm

Water: will be available at the start, on the courses and at the finish.

Enter on Day: none

Presentations: Presentations for the Schools competitors will be held at the Australian Schools Orienteering Championships presentation dinner.  The dinner is attended by only the team members and officials. Thank you to Orienteering Service of Australia ( for their donation of prizes.