Australian Sprint Distance Championships

Australian Sprint Championships - Sample map excerpt

Australian Sprint Championships – Sample map excerpt

The 2013 Australian Championships will open with the 2013 Australian Sprint Distance Championships on a new map of the Canberra Grammar School campus.  A slide show of selected photos can be seen above, with a larger selection of photos available here. Canberra Grammar students have participated in ACT events for over 30 years and the old boys include the OA President, Blair Trewin, who along with another old boy, Matthew Purcell will be among the key officials.  Securing access to Canberra Grammar as a venue for this event is seen as a coup for the ‘old boys’ as OACT has been keen to use it  many years. Teacher and former OACT Board member Andrew Cumming Thom also played a major role in negotiations.

WRE bulletins for this World Ranking Event have been published and can be downloaded from these links:

Most of the information in these bulletins is also reproduced below.

This event will also be used as the 2013 ACT Secondary Schools And Colleges Orienteering Championships.

Classes on offer and course information:

Championship Classes
Men: M21E, M20E, M10, M12A, M14A, M16A, M35A, M40A, M45A, M50A, M55A, M60A, M65A, M70A, M75A, M80A, M85A;
Women: W21E, W20E, W10, W12A, W14A, W16A, W35A, W40A, W45A, W50A, W55A, W60A, W65A, W70A, W75A, W80A, W85A.
Non-Championship Classes
M20A, M21A, MJuniorB, MOpenB, W20A, W21A, WJuniorB, WOpenB, M/WOpenEasy, M/WOpenVeryEasy.

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 Australian Sprint Distance Championships – Saturday 28th September
Course Classes Distance*
Controls Navigation
1 M21E, M20E, M35A 2.7 27 Hard
2 W21E, W20E, M20A, M21A, M40A, M45A, M50A, W35A 2.4 24 Hard
3 M16A, M55A, W21A, W40A, W45A, 2.1 22 Hard
4 M60A, M65A, W16A, W20A, W50A, 2.0 22 Hard
5 M70A, M75A, W55A, W60A, W65A, W70A, 1.5 18 Hard
6 M80A, M85A, W75A, W80A, W85A, 1.2 16 Hard
7 M14A, MJuniorB, MOpenB, W14A, WJuniorB, WOpenB, 2.0 26 Moderate
8 M12A, W12A 1.5 20 Easy
9 M10, W10 1.2 21 Very Easy

* Please note that distances are straight-line and the running distance will be longer on all courses. W16 and W55 are on different courses to those originally advertised.

Additional event information

Event 1 – Australian Sprint Championships
Saturday 28th September

Silva National League Event
World Ranking Event

Location: Canberra Grammar School
Map: Canberra Grammar School, 1:4000, 2.5m Contours
Mapper: Matthew Purcell
Organising Club: Parawanga Orienteers
Course Planner: Matthew Purcell
Controller & IOF Event Adviser: Blair Trewin
Day Organiser: Jill Walker

Landowners: Orienteering ACT gratefully acknowledges the considerable support of the Canberra Grammar School administration, staff and students in holding this event, providing access to the campus and assisting with event logistics.

World Ranking Event:
This event is an IOF World Ranking Event and hence the World Ranking categories will be run under IOF Foot Orienteering Competition Rules. In particular, these competitors are not permitted to carry GPS devices with a display visible to the competitor. As the 17-20E and 35A classes will be run on the same courses as 21E and will qualify for World Ranking points, in this event, this applies to all competitors in M/W17-20E, 21E and 35A.

Terrain/Map Notes:
Independent private school with a mix of complex buildings and open areas. The buildings at Canberra Grammar School range from heritage-listed sandstone buildings from the school’s establishment in 1929 through to more modern buildings constructed in the last few years. The area has not previously been mapped to sprint specifications.

Directions to the event:
Canberra Grammar School is located at 40 Monaro Crescent, Red Hill, ACT, 2603.


Parking map for Australian Sprint Championships

Parking map for Australian Sprint Championships

Car parking will be located off Flinders Way in an open field behind Flinders Park. Gutter ramps will be installed to allow for vehicles to drive up the gutter into the parking area. Park as directed by officials wearing bright yellow vests – there is an underground sprinkler system on this field and it is important that you do not drive over the sprinklers.

Bus parking will be located in the Canberra Grammar School main car park off Monaro Crescent. The main school driveway will have barriers to all vehicle traffic and will be manned to permit buses and official vehicles through to the parking area.

IMPORTANT: Please only park in the areas designated below. There are multiple car parks on the Canberra Grammar School campus, but to avoid transiting through the embargoed competition area you must NOT park anywhere else apart from the approved parking areas.

From the car park there is a short walk across Flinders Park onto the CGS campus. Walk up the school driveway to the event arena in the main school quadrangle.

Canberra Grammar School will provide a BBQ sausage sizzle together with cold drinks for purchase. A coffee van will provide coffee/tea/hot chocolate etc and cakes/snacks.

First aid: St John Ambulance will be in attendance

Toilets: Toilets will be available in the event arena, along with portaloos at the start.

Spectator viewing: There will be a spectator control in the event arena allowing views of competitors on several courses, including the elite courses 1 and 2. The finish is also in the event arena.

Out of Bounds/ warm-up areas: The entire Canberra Grammar School campus is out of bounds. Please follow all directional signage from the car park to the event arena to avoid straying into the embargoed areas. You may warm-up along the main school driveway or outside the school boundary – there is no elite quarantine (but see comments below on access to the arena).

Event arena map:

Arena map for Australian Sprint Championships

Arena map for Australian Sprint Championships

Start Information

Walk to start directions: The start is at the front steps of the school, directly next to the event arena.

Start times: From 11:00am for elites and from 12:55pm for all other classes.

Safety information: Canberra Grammar School is bounded by roads on all five sides.

Elite quarantine: All M/W21E and 17-20E competitors must be out of the event arena by 11:00am. (As registration is in the arena, this means they will either have to register before 11 or get someone else to do it for them.) Elites are not permitted to re-enter the arena until they have completed their course.

Warm-up area: Competitors may warm-up along the school main driveway, which will be closed to vehicle traffic, or outside the school boundary.

Special notes:

  • The event arena is in the main school quadrangle – please treat this area with respect given it is the central hub of the school. Future access to the grounds depends on this aspect.
  • There is an underground sprinkler system in the quad. The sprinkler heads will be spray painted for ease of identification. If you intend to put up a shade tent or club banner then please make certain that you do not hammer anything into the ground where the sprinklers are located.
  • Please observe all tapes indicating out of bounds areas.
  • Canberra Grammar School is a non-smoking campus.

Course setter notes:

  • Courses 1-4 and 7 have a map change. At the map change, discard your first map and collect another map from the box labelled for your course. Officials will be available to assist if required.
  • Some controls with heavy traffic will have multiple Sportident units. All units are the same and you only need to punch one of the available units.
  •  A large portion on the eastern side of the campus is marked as out of bounds – this is part of a major new building construction. There is a narrow passage which allows competitors to pass through the works – this is clearly denoted on the map.
  • Spikes are not to be worn – competitors may be running across some wooden flooring surfaces during the competition.
  • The following items are not mapped (due to their frequency reducing legibility of the map): garbage bins, light poles, shade sails, railings along steps, and all log barriers which are not integral to parts of the map.
  • Tanbark areas are mapped as paved.
  • Astroturf is mapped as open land.
  • Vegetable patches and vineyards are mapped as orchards (yellow background with green dots).
  • Canberra Grammar School is a residential campus. Boarding students and staff live on-site. Under no circumstances are competitors to enter the residential areas of the campus. These areas are clearly denoted on the map with purple hatching.
  • Some areas of the campus are multiple stories – only the main running level (the lower level) has been mapped. The upper levels will be physically taped-off.
  • Some of the passageways are quite narrow. Please be careful of other competitors who may be running in the opposite direction.
  • Walls and fences which are mapped as uncrossable (heavy black line) are forbidden to cross even if it’s physically possible to do so. Additionally, olive green areas which refer to garden beds and private areas are also out of bounds. Any competitors seen crossing these areas will be disqualified. Some garden beds have also been taped-off to clarify that they are not to be crossed. Where garden beds are used as control locations, the description ‘thicket’ is used.
  • Man-made features such as tables, seats, and signs are denoted with an X symbol on the map.
  • Competitors should be familiar with the following special symbols used on the control descriptions:
Special map symbols for the Sprint

Special map symbols for the Sprint

Presentations: will be made to all placegetters when results are finalised. This is expected to be between 3.00 and 3.30pm.