General and Technical Event Information

Registration: opens on Saturday September 28th from 9:00 am at Canberra Grammar School. Follow signage to the registration room in the assembly area. On all other days, registration is available at the Information Tent in the assembly area.

Applicable Rules and Guidelines: Current editions of Competition Rules for IOF Foot Orienteering Events, Guidelines for World Ranking Events, Orienteering Australia Competition Rules, National Orienteering League Guidelines, School Sport Australia Orienteering Championships Rules and Guidelines.

Start Procedures: It is the competitor’s responsibility to be on time at the start. You will be called to the pre-start 3 minutes before your start time. The start layout is illustrated in the diagram below:

Start BoxDiagram

Start BoxDiagram

a)    Competitors are to Clear and Check their SI card before entering Box 1 at three minutes before their Start time.

b)    On entering Box 1, an official checks each competitor’s chest number/name. The clock will show their start time, but it will actually be three minutes ahead of their Start time.

c)    On entering Box 2, competitors collect their control descriptions. An official uses a SI unit to check that a competitor’s SI card has been cleared.

d)    On entering Box 3, competitors must go to the map box labelled with the correct course. They write their name on the back of the top map in their map box.

e)    At the final beep on the start clock competitors pick up their map and start.

Late Starts: Competitors who are late for their allocated start must report to the Late Start official and start when advised to. They will be regarded as having started at their official start time, unless the organisers are at fault. This should not be discussed with start officials but with the designated Finish official after they have completed their race; see the paragraph regarding Mispunches.

Start Times for Officials.  All competitors have been assigned an official Start Time for each event, but some competitors who will be event officials will be permitted to start at an alternative time to suit the needs of their official duties.  This will generally be before or after the other competitors.

Competitor Chest Numbers: All competitors will be issued with a chest number. This must be worn in Events 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 and 9. There will be different numbers for the relay events. If a chest number is lost or damaged please obtain a replacement from the Information Tent.

Control Descriptions: The relevant descriptions will be printed on maps, and will also be available loose in the start lanes as part of the start procedure (except for relays).

Maps: Maps for all courses will be printed on waterproof, tear-resistant material. Maps will not be bagged.

Punching System: SportIdent will be used for all events. It is the competitor’s responsibility to clear their SI card prior to competition, and failure to do so will result in disqualification if the SI card fills prior to the completion of the course. Competitors who do not use the SI card indicated in the start program may be disqualified.

SI box failure: If an SI box fails, record your passage through the control by punching in the reserve boxes on the map using the back-up punch on the control stand.

Downloading results: It is essential that you report to the Finish tent and download your result, even if you have not completed your course, as this is the means by which the organisers check you have returned safely. If you lose your SI card on the course, and hence cannot download, please proceed through the Finish chute and report to the Finish officials; see next paragraph. You will be asked to download twice: firstly for your splits (see next paragraph for mispunches) and secondly for your results label. Please attach your results label to a tile and hang your result on the results stand.

Mispunch/Lost SI card/Late Starts: If your download indicates a mispunch or other error, before you move to the second download,  you will be asked to discuss your result with a designated Finish official who will investigate the matter before you download a second time.  If there is a need to make a correction that correction will be made to both relevant computers.  Irrespective of the outcome, you will be asked to download into the second computer for your results label.  If you lose your SI card on the course, or started late, a designated Finish official will investigate your result.

Map Return: Maps of early finishers will be collected, and then returned (sorted into boxes by course number) as soon as possible after the last start time.

Complaints and Protests: Complaints and protests will be handled in accordance with Orienteering Australia Competition Rules sections 27 and 28, and if necessary a Jury will be appointed in accordance with section 29 from available Level 3 controllers. Complaints must be lodged at the Information Tent no later than one hour after the scheduled course closure for an event. Protests against the organiser’s decision about a complaint should be lodged in writing with an official at the Information Tent and clearly marked “Protest” as soon as possible after the organiser’s decision about the complaint.

Shadowing Children: Shadowing is only permitted for entrants in the M/W10 Novice classes. These children will not be allocated start times and may start at any time during the overall start window when convenient for their shadowers. Note that parents/guardians must have completed their own course before shadowing.

Photography during the carnival: There will be photographers during the carnival taking photographs and TV footage for promotion of orienteering and possible publication in the Australian Orienteer, national, state and club websites and newsletters, and local media. Orienteering Australia will only use appropriate images of a child or groups of children, relevant to our sport and ensure that the child is suitably clothed in a manner that promotes the sport, displays its successes, etc.

There are some circumstances where publication of a named image of a child may place that child in danger. Orienteering Australia and its clubs and associations seeks the assistance of parents and guardians in being advised if they do not want images of their children taken or published.

Enter-on-the-Day: Available at the Information Tent at the following events:

Long Distance Championships: EOD registrations will close at 10.30 am and the EOD competitors will be allocated a Start time by registration officials.  The entry fees will be Senior $30, Junior $20, and Sub-junior $15.

Centenary of Canberra Flashback: EOD registrations will close at 12.00 pm and EOD competitors will follow the same start procedures as pre-entered competitors. The entry fees will be Senior $17, Junior $11, and Sub-junior $6.

Middle Distance Championships: EOD registrations will close at 10.30 am and the EOD competitors will be allocated a Start time by registration officials.  The entry fees will be Senior $30, Junior $20, and Sub-junior $15.

Daylight Saving: All competitors need to be aware that daylight saving commences on Sunday 6 October 2013 at 2:00 am, when clocks are put forward one hour.

Please note that Orienteering ACT follows a NO DOGS policy at all events. Please do not bring dogs to any event.